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The Way Of The Master

Who do you know who isn't saved?

How are you going to reach them?

Seek and save the lost the way Jesus did... Discover, The Way of the Master

Based on the award-winning TV series, "The Way of the Master" by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.

  • Biblical reasoning and persuasion

  • Exciting on the street video driven course

  • Discussion questions and role-play activities

  • Encouraging evangelistic quotes

  • Sample witnessing conversations

  • "At-home preparation" steps

  • Real-world application assignments

  • On-your-own Bible study

  • Additional witnessing tips

Session One

Cultivating Compassion for the Lost

Session Two

Discovering Hell's Best Kept Secret

Session Three

Learning to Overcome Fear

Session Four

Practicing What You Preach

Session Five

Crafting the Message

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