Revelation 4:1-3

Session 8

Revelation 4:1-3


Three Perspectives to Understand the Book of Revelation

  1. The _______  ________________Perspective

  2. The First Century Perspective

  3. The ______ ___ _____________Perspective

Sometimes we try to figure out the Book of Revelation as if time in heaven is progressing at exactly the same rate and exactly way that it is on earth. And it is not. They are just two different things.

The vital attitude that ties these perspectives together in the whole book and in chapters 4 and 5 is _________________ .

_________________ is the opposite of worship. It focuses on problems and on self.

When you approach the Book of revelation with worship, we end up with ___________.

The focus of the worship in this chapter is on the _____________________.

The word, “throne” appears 11 times in the rest of the New Testament. In the Book of revelation it appears 42 times and 11 times in chapter 4 alone.

God’s Throne is a place of priority, authority, and _________________.


In light of current world events, bad news, or our personal troubles in life, we always want to ask, “Why is this happening?” and “Where is this world headed?”

We are all headed towards the day when we will stand before this ______________ . That’s where this world is headed.

Who is on the throne?

1 John 1:5  God is __________________ and in Him there is no darkness at all.

“The one who sat there, had the appearance of jasper and of carnelian.”

Exodus 28:17-20

Jasper and carnelian describe the first and the last gem stones that represented the Jewish tribes attached to the ___________ ______________ in the Old Testament.

The gemstones represent the whole of the Jewish nation.

Jasper is clear like a ______________________, and has an appearance like purity. It portrays for us the purity of God’s holiness.

Carnelian is red like a ____________________. The stone of blood-red portrays God’s wrath, but also God’s justice.

The throne is a place of _______________, the character and person of God.

Encircling the throne is a _____________________ —God’s promise that empowers us difficulty.



Key: Old Testament, Time in Heaven, worship, Worry, hope, throne, glory, throne, light, priest’s garments, diamond, ruby, awe, rainbow