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Revelation 2:11-29

Session 4

Revelation 2:8-11 – Part 2

Session 4

Five Specific things that Jesus says to the Church at Smyrna

1.  “I know.”

2.  “Do not be afraid.”

3.  ____________________________

Four Specific types of Suffering:


1.  Poverty

2.  _______________________

3.  Prison

4.  Death


They were suffering slander because of their _________________________.

People all over the world are thrown into ________________ just for their faith.

“What does 10 days mean?

Four specific sources of persecution:


1.  The _____________________

2.  the culture

3.  the jealous

4.  the evil one


The people who tell the news have more than those who ________________the news.

Smyrna was privileged to build a temple to the Emperor Tiberius. Theirs was a culture of Empire and Emperor __________________.

The jealous were a group of people who called themselves Jews, but were not. Jesus called them a synagogue of___________________.

4. Jesus tells us to, “Be __________________.”

The best way that I have found to be faithful is to focus on the _______________of God.

5. Jesus tells the Church in Smyrna, “I will give you the ____________________.”

Key: I tell you, Slander, faith in Jesus Christ, prison, 10 days, powerful, make, worship, satan, faithful, faithfulness, crown of life


Revelation 2:12-17


Jesus message to Pergamum, the __________________ church.

Their confusion and doubt came from the ___________________ that they were involved in.

Three things Jesus gives to clear up the confusion and doubt

1.  ________________________ of God’s Word.

2.  Recognize the _________________________________.

Past _______________________ cannot protect you from the power of a lie.

Jesus talks about three specific kinds of lies

Satan’s throne, represents the ____________________ lie

A popular lie is often the all-inclusive lie. The “______________is right” lie.

By making everything right, you make _____________________wrong.


The Balaamites, represents the ____________________ lie

Balaam taught the Old Testament king how to deceive God’s people into ___________________________.


The Nicolaitans, represents the __________________ lie

Watch out for the _____________________ that you follow.

All “good lies” have a twist of __________________ in them, just enough to make you doubt God.

The reason to be careful watching out for the danger of the lie (and actually rejecting some people) is because I recognize my own weakness.  It is not being _____________________ of them.

3.  I have to rejoice in my ______________________ with Christ.


Jesus gives two pictures of real joy

“hidden _____________________”
How Jesus meets our daily needs


 “the white _____________”

 The promise of Heaven, intimacy, ______________ , and a deeper relationship with Christ


Key: confused, relationships, Respect the authority, danger of a lie, actions of the faith, popular, everybody, THE truth, pleasure, living the world’s ways, personality, leader, truth, relationship, judgmental, manna, stone, individuality



Revelation 2:18-29

The Church at Thyatira, what Jesus says to a ______________________ Church.

Jesus is talking to the church at Thyatira about ___________________ and what is the price that I am paying for success?

Jesus has three messages to the church about success

1.  The ______________________________do not guarantee the presence of success

It is not wrong to be successful, to do things for God, to make a difference in this world. It is wrong to be successful just for ________________________ sake.

Do I look just for the external signs? Or, am I looking for the eternal and internal presence of God’s will and ____________________in my life?

2.  Success can carry too great a ________________.

 The people of Thyatira had forgotten this truth, so they tolerated somebody that Jesus calls here, “Jezebel.”  Somebody who taught___________________.

To work successfully in this city you had to participate in the trade guild. To participate meant eating in the guild celebrations held in the__________________. Celebrations that were often followed expressions of loose immorality.

In our grasping for success, we are all sometimes tempted to pay a price which leaves us with ultimate ____________________.

3.  Hold fast to what you _________________________ .

How do you hold on to what you have? (verse 19)

Five principles for holding on to God’s successes in my life

1.  “Your deeds”-- hold on to the _______________that God wants me to do.

2.  “Your love”-- Success requires _______________________with others.

3.  “Your faith”--Success demands ________________________ upon God.

4.  “Your service”-- True success is not found in ________________ , but in giving yourself to others.

5.  “Your perseverance”--Success, God’s kind of success—it takes___________.



Key: tolerant, success, signs of success, popularity’s, direction, price, immorality, idol’s temples, failure, have, works, right relationships, dependence, getting, time

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