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Revelation 1:17-2:11

Session 3

Revelation 1:17-20


What was John’s first reaction to seeing Jesus?

What is Jesus’ encouragement to John?

What is Jesus’ encouragement to you and I?

1. Get your eyes off of yourself

2.  Get your eyes on Jesus.

What keys does Jesus hold?

What does Jesus say are the seven stars and the seven lamp stands?

Why are there so many “sevens” in this first chapter?

What is the purpose of the Book of Revelation?


Revelation Chapters 2 and 3

Jesus has something to say to seven specific churches with seven different needs.

With Ephesus, it is what Jesus says to a _____________ church.

With Smyrna, it is what Jesus says to a suffering church.

With Pergamum, it is what Jesus says to a ___________________ church.

Thyatira—we are going to hear what Jesus says to a tolerant church.

Sardis, it is what Jesus says to a _________________ church.

Philadelphia, what Jesus says to a growing church.

Laodicea, what Jesus says to a ________________________ church.

Revelation 2:1-7

Ephesus, what Jesus has to say to a busy church.

What does He say? He says, “Keep the first things ________________.”

Jesus talks to the Ephesians about a life that is __________________.

What does Jesus say they are doing right?

He says, “I know your _______________.”

He says, “I know your hard work.”

He says, “I know your ________________________.”


What does Jesus have against the Ephesian Church? 

What will Jesus do if they do not change? What is this a picture of?

Christian love is an __________________ love. It is not just expressed in words, or in feeling, but in commitments and in action.

What begins as an action to express love to Christ, can become an action just of mere _____________________.


What is our first love? It is not our deeds, perseverance, or our toil. Neither is it our __________________ that we had first as a new Christian.


He is not talking about reattaching to some ______________________.


First love talks not of an action or a feeling—it points to a person.


Jesus talks about the time in your relation with Him when actions or feelings are not out of a habit or a tradition, but out of a commitment to Him.

The danger of the Christian life is, the longer you are a Christian, the easier it is to do it out of habit and tradition. You do it today because you did it


How do you reignite your first love? You do it again for Him. You focus on the ________ for which you are doing it.

Three things to do to reignite your first love. Remember, _______________, and return.

What do we remember?

Has there ever been a time in my life when I have been consistently closer to Christ?

Repent, at the center of this word is the willingness to say, “I have been ____________.”

What does Jesus do for the one who repents and overcomes? (In verse 7)

Revelation 2:8-11

What does Jesus say to a suffering church? He says, “Look up and look _____________.”

The coins in Smyrna had the inscription on them, “First in Asia, in ______________ and in Size.”

Five things Jesus says to those suffering:

“I know.”

“Do not be afraid.”

(The other three things to come next week.)


Seven things about Jesus from John Stott to help us not be afraid:

  1. Jesus is ________________

  2. He is victorious. He died and came to life again.

  3. He is ______-______________. He says, “I know.”

  4. He is wise. He also understands.

  5. He is ____________________. He is in control of every circumstance.

  6. He is purposeful. Even in the difficulties, He has a plan.

  7. He is ______________________. He will give you the crown of life.

Key: fell down, death, angels and churches, perfection, hope, busy, confused, dying, complacent, first, lacking, deeds, perseverance, lost their first love, take away their lamp stand, picture of the church, active, habit, feelings, emotion, yesterday, One, repent, remember from where you have fallen, wrong, tree of life, ahead, Beauty, eternal, all-knowing, sovereign, generous

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