Revelation 1

Session 2

Revelation 1:4-5

These verse have some things to say to us about God, Us, and Hope.

These verses picture the trinity of God for us

Isn’t the Holy Spirit one? Why is He called, “sevenfold” here?”

“the ruler of the kings of the earth” (NIV)

“the Commander of all the rulers of the world.” (NLT)

What do these verses have to say about Us? (vs. 6)

1.   God loves______________.

2.   God’s desire for every one of us

3.   God has freed us from our sins by giving His blood for us.

4.  I can’t stand before God on my own holiness.

5.  Because of what Jesus has done, we get to be in His ______________forever.

What is God’s kingdom? God’s kingdom is where God __________________.

A ____________________ is a bridge builder between man and God.

6.  What do these verses say to us about us? They say that we should give Him everlasting glory. Because He rules forever and ever, Amen.

verse 7-8. What do these verses say to us about hope?

1.  There is an ________________ to all of this.

2.  God is the beginning and the end in all of this.

God has a better plan than that. He wants to bring us to a place that is perfect.

Verse 7 tells us that Jesus will come again one day. And in that day, some people will rejoice. Some people will __________________.

Why do the nations of the earth weep? Because they realize they trusted only in themselves and they refuse because their stubborn and prideful hearts to trust in Him.

What does God mean when calling Himself, “I am the Alpha and the Omega?” (vs. 8)    He is all in your life.

(vs. 9) What words does John use in verse 9 that indicate the very personal nature of this book?

     “I am your ________________”           He says, “In Jesus we are ________________.”

In Jesus we are partners in three specific ways.

1.  In the ____________________

2.  In suffering

3.  In patient _______________________

(vs. 10)

What was John doing on the Lord’s Day, in exile, while suffering?

verses 12-16

  • A beast is mentioned _____________times in this book.

  • A throne is mentioned 41 times.

  • Angels are mentioned 71 times.

But what is the focus of the Book of Revelation? Where is the emphasis?

Old Testament Pictures of Jesus Christ in Revelation    Daniel 7:13, Daniel 10:5-6

What does one like the son of man mean?

What did significance is it that Jesus is pictured wearing a robe that reached to His feet and that He had a gold sash?  Daniel 7:9

What do the following phrases signify tell us about Jesus?

Jesus’ “hair that was white as wool” 

Jesus is pictured here with eyes like blazing fire.

Feet like glowing bronze

Voice like the rushing waters, as mighty as the ocean waves. Ezekiel 1:24 and 43:2

What does Jesus have in his right hand?

What is the sharp two-edged sword coming out of His mouth?            Hebrews 4:12

Jesus—His face, as bright as the sun.        Matthew 17:2


Revelation 1:17-20

What was John’s first reaction to seeing Jesus?

What is Jesus’ encouragement to John?

What is Jesus’ encouragement to you and I?

1. Get your eyes off of yourself

2.  Get your eyes on Jesus.

What keys does Jesus hold?

What does Jesus say are the seven stars and the seven lamp stands?

Why are there so many “sevens” in this first chapter?

What is the purpose of the Book of Revelation?


Key: understand, hope, Purpose, soon, Background, recorded, message, instant, pictures, Old Testament, enemies, power, Jesus, Churches, Throne, Conflict, Destruction, Worship, Wrath, Celebration, worship