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Introduction to the Book of Revelation



Two Strong statements about the Book of Revelation

1.  God wants you to ______________________ this book

2.  God wants you to understand this book in order to give you ______________

P____________________ of the Book of Revelation: To infuse and inject hope into your heart and into your life.

God’s revelation that He gives us, is all about hope. It’s all about the fact that God in the end will prevail.

The moment that Jesus Christ left this earth the first time, it has always been, “__________________” that He might come again.

The world of the Book of Revelation, Biblical __________________

John the Apostle _________________the book because it was written by God.

This is a Revelation from God. It is not a dream that John had. This is a message that was brought to John by an angel, a Revelation and a revealing by God.

God gave this Revelation to Jesus. Jesus sent an angel with the message. And that angel delivered it to John.

Revelation is prophetic in _______________, and it is apocalyptic in form.

You can always depend on God’s plans for the future.

God can see all of the future in an ___________________.

Apocalypse literally means to unveil, or to reveal.

In the Book of Revelation, there are over 300 symbols and _______________.

 “When the plane sense of Scripture makes common sense, you seek no other sense.”

There are over 300 references to the ______  ____________________ in the Book of Revelation.

Some are explained, many are understood from the Old Testament, many of them are symbols.

Why does God write in this way? Why does He use these pictures and symbols?


1.  They hid the truth from _____________________

2.  They have a timeless nature

3.  They have emotional _____________________

Outline of the Book of Revelation

“Those things which you have seen, those things which are, and those things which shall be.”  Revelation 1:19

Chapter 1, “Things which you have seen”—__________________, Who He Is

Chapters 2 and 3, “those things which are”—Seven ____________in that day, How to be church, God’s representatives in the world. The Body of Christ. How we are to do that

Chapters 4 thru 22, “The things which shall be”

Chapter 4, The ____________________ of God described, Revelation begins with a worship experience

Chapter 5 thru 8, Final ____________________ (that is already happening)

Seven Seals are opened

Chapter 8:6 thru 11:19—Final _________________ , earth destroyed, sickness, destruction, and earthquakes

Chapter 11:15 thru Chapter 19—New Sense of ________________ , Temple, historic visions

Chapter 12, 13, and 14—The dragon/satan, The Church, beasts, sea, earth, The Lamb (Jesus), and the witnesses, The visions of what God is doing

Chapters 15 and 16—Final ________________

Chapters 17 thru 20—Final Judgment

Chapters 21 and 22—Eternal _______________ , New Heaven and the New Earth

What should our response to all this be? How should I feel?


What should be happening in my heart as I study the Book of Revelation?”

The attitude of __________________. Worship God.

Key: understand, hope, Purpose, soon, Background, recorded, message, instant, pictures, Old Testament, enemies, power, Jesus, Churches, Throne, Conflict, Destruction, Worship, Wrath, Celebration, worship

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